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Reading is one of the most habits which has helped me unstoppable develop, improve technical skills and soft skills. Today, I want to share my reading list which is useful in my career path and you too.

📚 Books:

Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship

This book explains details know about:

  • What is the Clean code?
  • How to…

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Table of Contents:

  • Add show Post page: Show detail information of Post.
  • Add delete Post function.
  • Create Hashtags for Post.
  • Implement Search Posts function.

What’ll you learn after reading the article?

  • CRUD in Active Record: Read/Delete Posts and CRUD Hashtags
  • Association in Active Record: The has_many :through association
  • Active…

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Part 1:

What’ll you learn after reading the article?

  • CRUD in Active Record
  • Association in Active Record
  • Validation in Active Record
  • Active Storage feature in Rails 5.2
  • Pagination with Kaminari gem.

Table of Contents:

  • Create the Post model.
  • Association between User and Post models.
  • Using Active Storage to attach an image in a Post.
  • Create a new Post and…

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What’ll you learn after complete this project?

  • How to start a new Rails application?
  • Design System from Craft
  • Understanding MVC (Model — View — Controller) architecture
  • Model: Active Record migration, validation, callback, association, and query interface
  • View: Layout, Partial and Form helpers
  • Controller: Actions, Strong Parameters
  • Rails Routing
  • Active Storage to upload files
  • Using Bootstrap, Devise, Kaminari…

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